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Namers, Truthers and Liars

The First Single Digit Salute

Arredondo's Middle Finger

Shariah Law NOW!

Sweet Death

Why Pornography is Bad

Why Pornography is Good

Why Porn is Good and Bad

The Salvation of a Nation


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Cover of: Return to Masada by Robert G. Makin

  Ancient Secret Societies were the fathers of the modern ones.  What is hidden at Masada remains in that realm.


Historical Fiction,    
Science Fiction    

Hardcover?  As Gone as Gutenberg!!  


  The Ebook Revolution is ringing the death knell of traditional publishing. Amazon reports ebooks outselling

hardcovers by an increasing monthly margin.  Hard cover books will be obsolete in our lifetimes. It's

happening as we watch.  The traditional literary agent will give way to the epublicist.  The Ivory Tower

Publishing House is quickly vanishing.    All Aleister Smiley needs is his Thumb Drive and an internet access.

All Angus Williamson needs is an IPad, a Nook or a Kindle.  But, of course, Johnny Lewis still needs his Anna and perhaps, that gift of the gods.     


The StrathNaver Legends   The Faces of Inanna

Aleister Through the Looking Glass  Return to Masada



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What's it about?
Target Audience
# Words Posted
Robert G. Makin

8th Century Scotland. Elves, Dwarves, Magic.

Comments from the Author.

Background stories: Old Will Part One   Part Two     Part Three

Children to Age 90
Robert G. Makin

If the immortals were, then they still are.  Inanna is the daughter

of Sin,   Moon god of Sumar.  The story is in modern times.  

Comments from the Author...

Young Adults to age 110

Historical Fiction

Robert G. Makin

The Essenes, history's first recorded psychics, conspire to

defy Rome in late 1st Century Israel.  It explores their

understanding of Kabalah and by example, of personal

ascension. Author's Comments.

Inquiring minds who like a good story.
s     339 Pages 10/5/9

Science Fiction

    94,000 2/13/9


Aleister Through

The Looking Glass

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Other eBook Formats

R.G. Makin

Available on



It is possible that imaginative persons can be trapped on the dark side of imagination by the opinions of people they trust. Breaking free of that can take extraordinary efforts.




 Friar Bob

By popular request, Friar Bob compiled a "Script" for his tour.  This is it.

This tour has changed since this writing.

Those who enjoy knowing the humor and Angst of History. 15,800 1/19/9

Shariah Law Now

God's Hair (series 1 of 7)

Elliot "Eats" Waller

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The First

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The Holey Bible

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Single Digit Salute

(Masonic History)


How to Select the Gender of Your Children at Conception


The Salvation of a Nation

Namers, Truthers

& Liars


White House

Middle Finger Party

The Brotherhood


The Blue Lodge



Daniel Gordis

A New Voice crying in the wilderness.


The Mistake

America's Corpse