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If Jesus Christ was trained

by the Essenes,

then there were others

just like him!!  And just

maybe, there still are

others just like Him.



1. No pornography. I recognize that there is a difference between erotic literature and trash. If I feel that the book has no other purpose than eroticism, I will refuse it. There will be no discussion. No children’s picture books. No poetry, plays or screen plays. Books of short stories are okay.

2. Please make sure that the book is as ready for publication as possible. Check for spelling and grammar problems and correct them. Check on the use of words like “there” and “their,” “were,” “wear” and “where,” “then” and “than.” These are easy mistakes for the author to miss but they stand out and are jarring to readers and publishers.

3. If you want the book to be ready for agents or publishers to download and review, set them up in the format that most publishers and agents require. That is, double spaced, one inch margins all around and a header on every page with contact information and page number (Page #1 of 476 for example). Since your manuscript is going to be online and available to the public to read, I suggest that you limit your “address” to an email address and don’t include a phone number.

4. Make sure your book is copyrighted. Here is the link to get the proper forms for that. The fee is only $30.00. It’s worth it.

What to have ready to send before you hit the “submit” key.

1. Two adobe PDF files. The first one should contain a sample of the book that you can use to hook a reader. If you feel the first chapter is enough, then send that. If you feel the reader needs three chapters, send that. You be the judge. It’s your book. Just by way of comment; if the first chapter isn’t enough, maybe your book needs some tweaking?
2. The second PDF file should be a copy of the entire book.
3. A credit or debit card worth at least ten dollars.
4. Click here to submit a book and follow the step by step instructions.
5. In the Subject line of your email submission, use the words

Note: If the book and sample are not in PDF format, I am not going to open it.


If you want to post a synopsis, it's okay with us.  We will set it up so that when a reader clicks on your title, it will take him or her to the synopsis.  From there we will link to your sample chapters and back.  If you want to post a synopsis, it will require more work on our part and for that we will charge you an extra $10.00 per year. 

If we receive requests for contact information, we will forward that request to you. We will not release contact information.