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*I strongly suggest that if you

want to visit Mexico on this

adventure, that you make sure

you have a valid passport with

you.  We don't need one yet,

but there is no way to forsee the future. 



Motorcycle Saddle Sores Galore

on the way home.

(Leaving August 1, 2010 from St. Charles Louisiana)

Ever wondered what it sounds like when fifty motorcycles rev their engines

at the same time on the South Lip of the Grand Canyon?  This is your chance

to find out (if you got the cajones)!!


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Sunday August 1, 2010      Reserve your place now.

We're meeting in Louisiana at a camp ground just north of St. Charles.  Most of the time we'll be camping but we have a few motels planned for a rest from sleeping on the ground.  At St. Charles, we'll be meeting at the

Sam Houston Jones State Park

To get to the park, exit Louisiana I-10 at exit #33.

Take U.S. Highway #171 north 3.9 miles.

Turn left (west) on Louisiana Highway #378 - 3.2 miles more or less.

We're leaving at 0800 on Monday August 2.

Monday August 2, 2010 Day #1      Reserve your place now.

The destination today is a short one - Brazos Bend State Park just south of Houston Texas.  To get there we will take I-10 west to Houston.

Take I-45 South just a few miles to U.S. Highway 59

Highway 59 South 24 miles to Texas Highway 762

Highway 762 south 16 miles to Brazos Bend.

Best rest up here, the vacation is over.  - 400 miles plus tomorrow.

Tuesday August 3, 2010 Day #2      Reserve your place now.

We need to get an early start today, so all we'll have time for in the morning is coffee.  There will be plenty of stops along the way to eat and rest but today we need to cover 450 miles to Amistad State Park in Texas.  This is the most beautiful place in the State of Texas that I know of, after the Fort Worth/Dallas Skyline at night. After this long ride, we'll take it easy for the next few days to rest, but this is where the adventure starts. 

To get to Amistad (Friendship) park,

Texas Highway 762 north 16 miles to U.S. 59.

U.S. 59 South 176 miles to George West, Texas.

I-37 North 12.6 miles to Texas Highway 72.

Texas 72 West 41.2 miles to Texas Highway 97.

Texas Highway 97 South to Cotulla Texas and lunch at the best Tex/Mex restaurant west of the Brazos.

Ranch Road #468 west 40.2 miles to Texas Highway 1407

1407 west to U.S. 83.

North on U.S. 83 to Uvalde, Texas and U.S. 90

U.S. 90 West about 110 miles to Seminole Canyon State Park

Wed. August 4, 2010 Day #3     Reserve your place now.

We'll start the day with a visit to the old Hangin' Judge - ROY BEAN

The only Law west of the Pecos is remembered well in these parts.

To get to Roy Bean's Museum, from Seminole Canyon State Park

Take U.S. 90 West at 0900, 55 miles.  It's on the right.

We're planning to stay there only two hours, then we're heading for Carlsbad New Mexico.  To get to Carlsbad,

Continue west on U.S. 90 - 60 miles to Sanderson, Texas

U.S. 285 North 175 Miles to Road #724 ( (5 miles north of the State Line)

Left on Road 724 (west)

Road 724 West 23.2 Miles +/- to U.S. Highway 62

Right (north) on U.S. 62 1.5 miles to Highway #7

Left (west) on Highway #7 (6.6 Miles to visitor's center)

to the Holiday Inn Express in Carlsbad.

Back to U.S. 62 - 19 miles north to Holiday Express Hotel

Thursday August 5, 2010 Day #4     Reserve your place now.

Leave Carlsbad 0800 Mountain time. ETA Roswell 0915 A.M.
U.S. 285 North to Roswell New Mexico 75 Miles –

ETA 0900 Mountain Time Zone (Eastern time minus 2 Hours)

This route takes us through Ruidoso and the Mescalero Apache Reservation.

Leave 1300 Mountain Time for Oliver Lee State Park – 48 Camp Sites – 120 Miles. 

U.S.70 West out of Roswell 100 miles
South on U.S. 54 – 25 miles, more or less to Oliver Lee State Park

Oliver Lee State Park is just south of Alamogordo, New Mexico.


Boot Hill

Friday August 6, 2010  Day #5  320 Miles today.

  Reserve your place now.

Next stop - Boot Hill. Tombstone Arizona's fascinating reenactment of the old west fires the imagination.  The old western bars and clothing stores are drawing me back.  I want to buy a couple of those leather shirts.

Near Tombstone you'll find one of the largest copper mines in the world, at Bisbee.  Just south of Bisbee is a border crossing into Naco Mexico.  Nogales is about 60 miles and worth the ride.

The way to the graves...

Leave Oliver Lee State Park at 0800 Mountain Time

U.S. 54 North 10 miles more or less to U.S. 70

U.S. 70, 70 miles, more or less to I-10

I-10 west 224 miles to Arizona Exit 302

Arizona Highway #90 - 16 miles south to Kartchner State Park.

ETA Kartchner State Park - 1300 Mountain Time

Tombstone: 90 South, left on 82 east.  South (right) on Arizona 80 to Tombstone

Doc and the boys still hang out here.

Bisbee Arizona


Saturday August 7-8, 2010 Day# 6 and #7     Reserve your place now.

If you didn't explore Tombstone yesterday, now is the time.  Other exciting adventures within just a few miles include Bisbee Arizona and Nogales - a visit to Mexico.

Boot Hill (or Boothill) is the name for any number of cemeteries, chiefly in the American West. During the 19th century this was a common name for the burial grounds of gunfighters, or those who "died with their boots on" (i.e., violently). Also, Boot Hill graves were made for people who died in a strange town without assets for a funeral, known more formally as pauper's graves.

Boothill Graveyard is referenced in many movies including Tombstone, Wyatt Earp and 1957's Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, during which it was repeatedly sung over the recurring title theme song by Frankie Laine.

Sunday August 9-10, 2010  Day 8 & 9     Reserve your place now.

This day takes us through the Salt River Canyon and the Apache Reservations.  This is an amazing ride.  If you didn't bring your camera and you haven't bought one yet, you will go back to Tucson to buy one before finishing with the Salt River Canyon. Today we wind up at Holbrook Arizona early in the day giving us time to take in the Meteor Crater National Park before sunset and still make it back to the hotel. Did I say HOTEL? Yes.  Tonight we have plenty of motel accessibility and tomorrow we are within spittin' distance of the Painted Desert, The Petrified Forest and a little known Indian Museum at Exit 292 on I-40 at Holbrook.  There's a lot to do at this stop and not much time, so I thought a motel room instead of tending a camp fire might be a welcome change.

To get to the hotel at Holbrook Arizona, from the Kartchner Camp ground:

Arizona Highway 90 North to I-10 (16 miles)

I-10 East 2 miles to Exit 304

North on North Cotillo Road to 'T'

Left on North Cascobel Road - Becomes Reddington Road

Right on River Road at 'T'

This is a total af about 68 miles to Arizona Highway #77.

North on Highway 77 (and U.S. 60) 191 miles to Holbrook. ***

Monday August 11, 2010 Day #10     Reserve your place now.

Leave Holbrook at 0800 Mountain Time.

I-40 West 90 miles more or less to Business I-40
Business I-40 4.6 Miles to U.S. 180 East (right turn)
U.S. 180 – About 75 Miles to Grand Canyon National Park
Camp – 1 Night

So much has been written about the Grand Canyon that I'm going to pass on it. The experience of the Grand Canyon that no one writes about is the incredible array of Indian handicraft shops that line the highway all the way in and all the way out again.  You can get incredible deals on turquoise and silver jewelry, belts, and all manner of Indian articles ranging from deer skin clothing to bows and arrows.

The Indians are fun to meet and talk with.  The scenery on the way in and out of the park can't approach the grandiose nature of the park itself, but can easily stand alone as tributes to nature's magnificence.


Tuesday August 12, 2010 Day #11      Reserve your place now.

Leave the Grand Canyon at 0800 Mountain Time for Page Arizona.

To get to Page:

Continue east on Arizona Highway 180 about 60 miles to Cameron Arizona and U.S. Highway #89

U.S. Highway #89 North - about 80 miles to Page.

I first became acquainted with Page Arizona through an article from National Geographic Magazine.  The pictures they published were mind blowingly beautiful - unbelievable in their color and the wild meandering of the river.  Imagine my surprise and delight one morning at dawn as I drove my Big Truck south on Highway 89, passing through Page Arizona when those amazing photographs from that magazine appeared right in front of me.  What a RUSH!

Glen Canyon will remain in your memory for the rest of your days, no matter how many of them yet lie ahead.  This place, alone, is worth the trip.

The Glen Canyon is the head waters of the Grand Canyon.  There is a dam at Page Arizona that allows boating in relatively calm water.  You can take a boat ride on the dam or even rent a boat and go yourself. I'm hoping I can do some snorkling there.

Wednesday August 13, 2010 Day #12      Reserve your place now.

Vermillion Cliffs and Zion National Park

There is no time on the highway I have ever seen more wildlife than in the Vermillion Cliffs.  There were so many jackrabbits on the road I thought I was in a giant rabbit hutch.  In my years as a driver I ran over only one rabbit, until I got to the Vermillion Cliffs.  As hard as I tried to avoid them, doing 30 miles per hour, trying to not hurt ANY of them, I still ran over at least four - that night.  I saw mule deer, antelopes, foxes, owls.  You name it- it's there.  This day we will go through the Vermillion Cliffs - in day time.  Our destination isn't too far for the day.  That will place us in Zion National Park relatively early - allowing time to explore, hike, drive around the park, what ever suits your fancy.  National Parks are great places for poking around.  Zion is well named.  It's a princess among the parks.  To get there from Page Arizona:

Take U.S. 89 North only about 90 miles to Mount Carmel Junction, that is not to be confused with Mount Carmel just another few miles beyond it.

Turn left - West on Utah's Highway #9.  20 miles into Zion National Park

Thursday August 14, 2010 Day #13     Reserve your place now.

Bryce Canyon National Park

This will be my first visit to Bryce Canyon National Park. I've seen so many pictures and heard so much about it that it's at the top of my list of National Parks that I want to visit.  Since I haven't been there, I don't have much to say about it, but when I repeat this trip in 2011, I'm sure I will.  This is what Wikipedia says about it:

Bryce Canyon National Park (pronounced /brais/) is a national park located in southwestern Utah in the United States. Contained within the park is Bryce Canyon. Despite its name, this is not actually a canyon, but rather a giant natural amphitheater created by erosion along the eastern side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. Bryce is distinctive due to its geological structures, called hoodoos, formed from wind, water, and ice erosion of the river and lakebed sedimentary rocks. The red, orange and white colors of the rocks provide spectacular views to visitors. Bryce is at a much higher elevation than nearby Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. The rim at Bryce varies from 8,000 to 9,000 feet (2,400 to 2,700 m), whereas the south rim of the Grand Canyon sits at 7,000 feet (2,100 m) above sea level.

We are planning to stay here only for the REST OF THE DAY, but we'll arrive plenty early in the day.It's only about 60 miles from Zion.

August 15, 2010 Day #14 (296 Miles)     Reserve your place now.

Today, be well rested.  You're in for the ride of your life.  It's almost all winding mountain roads with wild and incredible scenery.  If we were going to continue the adventure from here, the next step would be Mesa Verde National Park where the cliff dwellers lived.  That's an incredible adventure by itself, but the last time I was there I had to wait almost two days to get in.  I'm not going to do that again. Today is the last day.  We are heading for Devils Canyon State Park in Utah with plenty of stops in colorful mountain villages along the way.  To get to Devil's Canyon:

Leave Bryce Canyon at 0800 Mountain Time

Utah Highway #63 north 4 miles to Utah Highway #12

Highway 12 east to highway #24 - 110 miles.

Utah Highway 24 East 47 miles to Utah Highway #95

Utah Highway #95 100 miles to Natural Bridges National Monument.  We'll stop there for a vist.

Continue on Utah Highway #95 another 35 miles to Blanding Utah.

North on Utah Highway 191, 22 miles to Devil's Canyon Campground.

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The Trip Home...      Reserve your place now.

If anyone is coming with me, I'll bee-line for Lafayette Louisiana and run home to St. Augustine on I-10.  If those coming with me are going to St. Augustine, my route will be

Utah 191 South to U.S. Highway 666 to I-40.

The guts to ride Highway 666 divides the men from the boys.

Highway 666 to Gallup New Mexico.

I-40 East to West Memphis Arkansas

I-55 South a couple of miles to the Memphis by-pass I-240 South

U.S. 78 South to Birmingham Alabama

I-20 East a couple of miles to I-65

I-65 South to Montgomery Alabama

U.S. 231 South to Dothon Alabama

U.S. 84 East to Bainbridge Georgia

U.S. 27 south to Tallahassee Florida

I-10 East to Exit 301

U.S. 41 South about 5 miles

U.S. 90 East about 4 blocks

U.S. Highway 100 East to Starke Florida

U.S. 301 North about two blocks

U.S. 16 East to St. Augustine.

I like to run around 600 -800 miles per day when I'm "tryin' ta' git to the house." If you can keep up, you're welcome to join me for the marathon home.

Friar Bob



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