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Sign up using Pay Pal and a credit card then email us ( RGM ) to confirm that you've done that and to make sure we got the information we need - and the money.


  Print out this page, fill it out in hard copy and send a hard copy check for $15.00 and the attached information to :

Friar Bob's Adventures

C/O Robert G. Makin

600 Domenico Circle E-4

St. Augustine, Florida 32086


Please Print Clearly so we can easily contact you.

Name _________________________________


Address _________________________________


City/State/Zip _________________________________


Phone Number _________________________________


Email Address _________________________________


I am interested in the excursion from _____________ to ________________


Departing on _____________________ .

For the trips we have planned for 2010, that's the Maine Event, The Road to Sturgis and the Saddle Sores Galore, we aren't taking money yet because we haven't finished assessing the actual costs. We have found lots of people reading the material but no one has had the balls to actually sign up or even inquire about it.  Setting up reservatoins and arranging discounts is an enormous amount of work and if no one is going, there is no point in my going to the trouble to do that. 

If thirty five people, of the tens of thousands who have read the page, actually reserve a spot, I'll go to the trouble to make the arrangements. Otherwise, it's okay with me if all you want to do is fantasize and enjoy the pictures.

If you would like to reserve a place for the trip, you can use this form or just email me with contact information and indicate which trip you want to reserve a place for.  In time, I'll contact you, quote a price and ask for a deposit .

Friar Bob

August 2010 Agenda

The Maine Event

Saddle Sores Galore

The Road To Sturgis

Buy a Book

Review a Restaurant

Cut-off time for making

reservations is two weeks before departure date.

Don't delay too long!

With the Trips out west the cut off time is going to be earlier than two weeks.