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by Aboo The Kookoo Amir

Shariah, The Law of God

I am the cousin of Barack Mohammed Hussein Obama, the son of his father’s cousin’s x-wife’s (deceased) sister, also deceased (or divorced – whatever).   I live near his birth place in Kenya.

Talk radio seems to always condemn the Law of the God of the Religion of Peace. Particularly, our divorce laws are impugned with unreasonable prejudice and ridicule. Decapitation of the woman makes far more sense for a man than expensive lawyers and alimony. There is no distribution of property, since the woman isn’t permitted to own property and if she is dead, there is no argument about it. After she has been decapitated, she stops bitching and there is Peace.

How long is it going to take for the men of western nations to realize that decapitation is a far better way to remove a woman from one’s life than the way they are now doing it? One might say it’s a bit messy and that can be true but the mess is nothing like the havoc heaped upon a man’s life by a vindictive – living – x-wife. It is my belief and contention that a vast majority of divorced men have at one time or another fantasized about decapitating their former wives. This is usually regarded as just a fantasy but I maintain it is a message from God Almighty indirectly ordering the man to obey the LAW.  Why fantasize?  Just do it.

We need Shariah Law in the United States Right Now. The only thing really standing in the way is the fact that women have the right to vote. This is the biggest mistake America has ever made. Allowing them the right to vote, that is, giving in to this Lysistrata like pressure from women who probably should have been decapitated is a statement about the weakness and mother-hungering spiritual and moral poverty of men of the Judeo-Christian traditions. This drive on the part of power hungry women to gain sovereign rule at the ballot box and the permission the men gave by abdicating that role is reprehensible. The result was predictable. A female speaker of the house now spends more money on jet fuel weekly, to commute to her part time job in Washington D.C. than the average four people combined even earn the in United States, annually. The obvious solution is, of course decapitation or divorce. Another female whose only claim to fame is her coarse voice and her tasteless husband ( He didn’t decapitate her.), is traveling the world and throwing around her considerable weight to intimidate people who disagree with her. Her biggest mistake after thinking herself intelligent was naming her daughter Chelsea instead of Chincey.

Shariah Law holds that foot-washing stations should be placed in every public restroom in the world because feet that are unwashed stink. It would be better, of course if public shower stalls were installed in all these places. With the presence of public shower stalls it would be far easier to decapitate erring wives without making such a mess. Simply put the woman in the shower, decapitate her then turn on the shower to rinse away the mess. It’s simple. There is no fuss, no muss and no bitching wife. And the best part is there will be no alimony, custody fights or loss of property.

What could be simpler?

It's a cut and dried (more or less) solution.
Aboo the Kookoo Amir.


Reply via Email from

Atta Mohammed Watta Smaweenie:

Aboo you fool, but blessed by Allah.

If you can get Satan America to put foot washing basins in airports and showers to clean up the blood of beheadings - ask them to provide scimitars for the beheadings.  Allah is great. You know how hard it is to smuggle a scimitar on airplanes today!  They even took the Gillette my third wife uses on her legs. Wow, Aboo.  Gillettes are sharp.  If we could get Gillette to make scimitars maybe we would only have to hack once or twice to get heads off.   Ask Satan America for that.  They like to think they are tolerant.  Tell them its for a religious use. Don't say to me buukra ensha'a Allah.  This is needed now.

Atta M.Watta Smaweenie.