The Salvation of a Nation

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The Salvation of a Nation

Liberty is the Solution to the Human Dilemma

(Treading on States Rights)

Warning! The brains (if there are any ) of Liberals who read this will explode.

It has been forgotten that The United States of America is just that, a Union of Nations, i.e. states that have joined hands for mutual protection and economic benefit. Each of those nations has its own militia, its own elected, representative government, its own borders and its own laws. The “Central Government” is nothing more than a moderator, a mediator between those United States. The Mediator is a mediator not a wielder of power over the states. The power and glory of the mediator is a balloon filled with nothing but vacuous gas. That it has accrued so much power is an abomination to good sense. There is nothing about being elected to a national office that ordains the electee with knowledge, expertise or skills that he or she didn’t have before and a bureaucrat is a bureaucrat; just a bureaucrat. Generally speaking, they are inept, self-aggrandizing Sociopaths with no agenda connected with their elected office other than power and money. The very first thing we should do with a person running for public office, not to mention National office, is to distrust him. The second thing we should do is limit the amount of damage he can do by limiting his tenure, i.e., power. Nothing else makes any sense.

This mediator, the Central Government has grossly overstepped its purpose, its power and its usefulness. Every economic tragedy the United States of America has experienced since its beginning has been a result of the incessant meddling of the Central Government and the meek acquiescing of the partners in the Union. Today, the Central Government is bent on collecting the rest of the power. This effort must be thwarted.

For the survival of the freedoms Americans fought so hard to win and protect, The Central Government must be evicted from the private sector – completely. Congressmen and governments have no right to control the curriculums in the schools, moderate how medicine is practiced, whether a drug is safe, how fast a vehicle travels, yet, they are in every aspect of our lives from the day we are born to the day we die. The moderator of the union is even taking steps to legally re-define religious concepts like “marriage.” Now, they are trying to mandate the rationing of health care. The long list of intrusions on the private lives of Americans is endless. In view of the fact that the Federal Government has no constitutional authority over individual citizens - at all - that this list even exists is an outrage.

It is critical that Americans re-elect NO ONE – EVER. Don’t give these self-aggrandizing sociopaths a chance to develop a power base. They must be stripped of the special ‘rights’ they have given themselves for being bureaucrats like their federal retirement and health care. Let them use what they have mandated for the rest of us, Social Security and Medicare. If that is what they were stuck with, it would be in better shape than it is. Let traveling diplomats pay their own way. Abuses of special privileges of these kinds are rampant. Nancy Pelosi’s jet, burning $120,000 of fuel weekly to take her to work is just one of them, and a small one at that, but one of the most blatant. It takes the annual income tax of twenty Americans, each week, to pay for that, and that $120,000 doesn’t include the multiple flight crews, maintenance and housing of the aircraft.

To bust a famous quote, “If we don’t all hang together, we will all hang separately.”

The Central Government has become and has been a rogue government for many decades. It has won its dictatorial powers little by little, so slowly as to be barely noticeable. The time has come when we must all bow down and die or put a stop to it.

Re-Elect NO ONE! We must get the moderator out of the private sector!


Red Bug

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