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You may not believe that it's around

2,900 miles from Cody Wyoming to

Sturgis South Dakota, but if you take

THIS trip, you'll become a believer.

  We're going through the Canadian

Rocky Mountains.

Cody is quite a spot.  With Yellowstone

National Park at its feet and the Rocky

Mountains all around, Bill Parks capped

it when he said, "I'm gittin' a bit tired a'

this absolute beauty ever-where I look."

  Of course, after he said that, Too-Tall-

Tom had to kick his butt.  The argument

was interrupted when a Grizz came

bustin' over a ridge after one of its cubs.

No one got hurt.

We're leaving from the Rainbow Park Hotel on 17th Street (subject to change).

Jeremiah Johnson. No one knows where he's from.


Cody Wyoming is Jeremiah Johnson

Country.  To the left is an image of him with

his fifty caliber Hawkins in his hands. In

Cody, they call him "Liver Eatin' Johnson,"

because, they say when he killed those

Indians, he would eat their livers as a dire

insult to them.

Johnson may have even followed the very

trails we have planned up through Lake

Louise to Prince George.

You'll never find a road like this one in North

Carolina!  What the map fails to reveal is that the

road is high in the mountains with views that are

guaranteed to take your breath away, permanently

- if you take these curves too fast. 

Many of them have straight down drop offs-

beyond the edge of the road. It'll sort of make you

wish your bike had wings - maybe Silver Wings or

Gold Wings?

Might be a good spot to hang glide from.

Middle Finger Birthday Party Hosts


The first day  out, we're going to take it

fairly easy because of the rough terrain.

  We'll run about 359 miles to Great Falls

Montana where there are lots of Motels. Budget Inn is one of them.

This ride is "pay as you go."  To join the trip

and get the route, it's $200.  The ride is

limited to fifty bikes because of limited

accommodations in the various places were

we're going.  If we don't get at least 35

people, we'll scrap the trip till we do.

There are plenty of camp grounds all along the

route, but Friar Bob has camped in this part of the

country before and can attest to the fact that it get

COLD there. Cracking the ice off one's tent is not

a nice way to start the day.  Unless you prefer

otherwise, we will use motels and hotels.

   The plan is to pass through Calgary, not

to stop there.  But there will be time to do

that if you want to. We set the goals for

this trip to see beautiful mountains, not big

cities.  If you want big cities, there is a

grand view of the mountains from Calgary,

as you can see in the picture, below.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Elrond, the Prairie Dog

  The natives are friendly, if a bit

suspicious of foreigners on steel

ponies. This one was a bit curious

but as soon as we tried to make its acquaintance it darted out of sight.

Biking in Canada is okay with me. 

This is Lake Louise where we will be

staying for two nights after a 431

mile trip from Great Falls Montana; 

two nights here, so there is time to explore for a day and to ride some of

these wonderful nearby  places.

Simpson's Num-Ti-Jah Lodge

Located 40 km north of Lake

Louise on Highway 93, Num-Ti-Jah

Lodge overlooks one of the most dramatic scenes in the Canadian Rockies. Steeped in heritage, this majestic log lodge invites those

seeking an extraordinary alpine experience. Offering 25 rooms,

which are rustic and simple but very comfortable. The absence of television and telephone is a welcome repose. Outside communication

via satellite telephone and fax

available. The Elkhorn dining room, lounge and library provide a warm and comfortable place for guests to relax and socialize. Space is available for events, from conferences to weddings.

Num-Ti-Jah Lodge

To review overnight rates for the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge, click on the link above the picture and bear in mind that there are plenty of motels in the area. This is one of the nicest ones.


The Canadian Rocky Mountains is a great place to be when it's hot hot hot down south.  But do remember that it's cool cool cool early in the mornings when we will be leaving for the next leg of our adventure.

To get to Anchorage Alaska from there, take Canada 16 west 285 Miles to
Kitwanga (city of)
Highway 37 North 337 Miles to Upper Liard Yukon Territory
259 Miles North on #1 to White Horse
Continue north on #1 283 more miles to Alaska
At the United States Line, Take Highway #2 84 Miles to TOK Alaska
At Tok catch Alaska Highway #1 south 310 Miles to Anchorage
So, from Prince George to Anchorage is about 1558 more Miles one way.
Friar Bob ain’t goin’ there on a motorcycle.

Prince George,

British Columbia,


I may be wrong, but I don't think Prince George gets all that much tourism from the United States. It's just too far north for a day trip from the State of Washington and too far south for many visits from Anchorage. Speaking of Anchorage, it's just another 1,590 miles, if you want to continue on from here.  For the purposes of this round-Red-Robin's-Barn route to Sturgis, Alaska is out of the question on this trip. But if you want to split off from us here, this is the place to continue north. 

We're planning on spending two nights at Prince George to rest up for the grueling trip tomorrow over winding and scenic roads all the way back to Lake Louise. Today was 366 miles. Tomorrow we'll be covering 588 miles. So rest up.

Prince George is the place, as the Indian Peoples said, of the confluence of two rivers.  This may well be how the town came to exist in this spot.  River travel once ruled.  It was superior, easier and cheaper than conestoga convoys.

Today we will be passing through Strathnaver, Williams Lake and Cache Creek all in British Columbia.  The road is winding and loaded with incredible scenery.  This is the sort of highway they use in motorcycle commercials on television.
There sure is a lot to see along the way.  It may well be that many of us will decide to break up this 588 mile day and arrive at Lake Louise a day later.  Since we're planning another two days at Lake Louise, there will be time to do that.
We're coming down the home stretch toward Sturgis.  Moose Jaw Saskatchewan will be the last night out, 536 miles, more or less, from Lake Louise.  Moose Jaw is getting on back into civilization.  We're out of the mountains and it's time to haul kiester back east to South Dakota.  The last night on the road together, we will be at Moose Jaw.  Great name, huh?

About This Adventure: The Road to Sturgis is a Motorcycle Trip

The Road to Sturgis is a ten day trip beginning in Cody Wyoming and ending in Sturgis South Dakota on the first day of the Sturgis Bike Rally. The whole trip is around 2,900 miles.  We are doing the Canadian Rocky Mountains including Lake Louise, Prince George and numerous other small towns along the way.  We are staying at motels and hotels.  It has been our experience that groups of ten or more are given group rates.  The group rates usually represent a substantial savings off the single rates.  We will be very happy to pass on ALL of that savings to whoever joins and contributes to making that group big enough to qualify for a group rate.

This trip is going to be "pay as you go."  We get to the appointed hotel and you sign up and pay them.  We did the collecting of fees and paying the hotels for our guests but that turned out to be unhandy.  This trip we'll try it a little differently. To sign up for this trip is going to cost you $200, up front.  With that, you will be supplied with a detailed proposed agenda and we will meet at the Rainbow Park Hotel in Cody Wyoming on a date to be specified later.

Friar Bob

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  St. Augustine to Cody Wyoming
I-95 North to Jacksonville 25 miles more or less
I-295 (Jacksonville By-pass) to I-10 20 miles more or less
I-10 West to I-75 - 60 Miles
I-75 North to I-24 (in Tennessee) 390 Miles
I-24 West through Tennesee, Kentucky and part of Illinois – 296 Miles to I-57
I-57 North 52 Miles to I-64
I-64 West 70 Miles to St. Louis Missouri
I-64 Straight through the center of St. Louis 13 Miles to St. Louis By-Pass I-255
I-255 North 7 Miles to I-70
I-70 West 230 Miles to Kansas City Missouri and I-29
I-29 North 358 Miles through Missouri, Iowa and South Dakota (Sioux Falls SD)
I-90 West 438 miles to Cheyenne Wyoming
I-25 North to Casper, Wyoming
Highway 20 West 95 Miles to Shoshone Wyoming
32 Miles north on Highway 20 to Thermopolis Wyoming
80 Miles North on Highway 120 to Highway 14 (T-Intersection – Turn Left)
Highway 14 West 2 or 3 miles to Cody.
  For the Very Truly Hardy, Alaska is not all that far from Prince George in British Columbia. To get to Anchorage Alaska from there, take Canada 16 west 285 Miles to
Kitwanga (city of)
Highway 37 North 337 Miles to Upper Liard Yukon Territory
259 Miles North on #1 to White Horse
Continue north on #1 283 more miles to Alaska
At the United States Line, Take Highway #2 84 Miles to TOK Alaska
At Tok catch Alaska Highway #1 south 310 Miles to Anchorage
So, from Prince George to Anchorage is about 1558 more Miles one way.
Friar Bob ain’t goin’ there on a motorcycle.