Rising Foolishness in The U.S.A.

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The Rising Foolishness in the United States

Red Bug

There’s a hole, up on The Hill, where all the money goes.
Dr. King died for nothin,’ I suppose.
Little Barry has big ears and he stops to count the jeers.
Common Sense don’t play too well on broken radios.
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh.

(To the tune of John Prine’s “There’s a hole in Daddy’s Arm”)

Murtha has been re-elected in Pencilbrainia after calling his constituency rednecks and racists. They still voted for him, or so they say at the polls. He sold them on how he “supports our troops” after calling our troops “cold blooded killers.” Look at the taxes in Pennsylvania, then look at the roads. Pennsylvania, like Nastychusetts is the land of the Fleeced and the home of the Deprived. I doubt they’ll even wake up after Obama closes the coal mines, as he promised to do.

Massachusetts, desperately avoiding the possibility of lower taxes, voted to KEEP the state income tax on the pleas from their bloated bureaucracy. Having failed to remember the lessons their families learned about the glories of “work to your ability, receive according to your need,” back in the days of the Pilgrims, they slip, step by step backwards. Here’s a clue. The Indians they exterminated won’t be there to feed them this time.

Minnesoldia came within half a percent of electing a feckless, out of work, failed comedian to the United States Senate. His talk radio show failed, well named “Morning Sedition.” His Jollywood career failed, so he tried to do what others do, following the old line, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach and those who can’t even do that, get into politics.” What will Al Franken do now? I bet he gets a job selling used cars. His demeanor is right for that.

Fan San Disco sent their head Rogue, Nancy Pelosi back to the House of Representatives for a twelfth term. That’s great news for the Alaskan Salmon fishermen and the non-California Unions. Nancy still doesn’t hire union labor but bills herself as a “friend of the unions.” I wonder what she’ll do next to deep-six the price of gasoline? Her $120,000 weekly jet fuel tab ought to help. Try living a little greener, Nancy! That’s a “Global Warning.”

Blacks came out in swarms to vote for a Democrat candidate, betraying the party of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, who was a Republican. He was a Republican for good reasons. Democrats fought to keep slavery, prevent Blacks from voting, opposed the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Even today, they promote the slavery mentality of devaluing personal responsibility as a means to self support. Government give-aways permeate our society, thanks to the Democrats. Thanks to their idiocy we have the FNMA crises, high fuel prices, the invasion from Mexico and the influx of radical Islam. The only thing Democrats are good at today is blaming others for their screw-ups. Their latest patsy is still George W. Bush and their latest cover up is the FNMA.

Now that we have elected a nice smile and a tight ass, again, maybe the mindless will begin to hear what he’s saying and what he’s doing to us. He has not been unclear on that. Now, if he can produce an actual Birth Certificate, even conservatives will believe we did not elect America’s first illegal alien. This one appears to be a citizen of Rhodesia. It’s no wonder Obama wants to give drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens. After we do that, he’ll be legal to drive in the United States. Will he go down in history as the first Black President, or will he be remembered as the last president?

Democrats smile in glee as Obama gives away 1.6 trillion dollars in so-called “bail-outs,” and still fume over the national debt deriving from Bush’s war on terror. I’m guessing Democrats can’t count? I was glad to see the anti-war demonstrators downtown today. Now they are picketing against Obama’s war. Some things never change.
Red Bug

Reprinted from TheChigger.net