Proof Reader and Editor for Starving Writers


Proof Reading Services:

The price is $2.00 per page, formatted as I described in the submission guidelines. That is double spaced with one inch margins all around, a header on each page including the title, page number, number of pages and contact information. Email is fine.

We will check spelling, grammar, sentence length and perhaps make suggestions on paragraph formation. If we are buried in work, we will refuse the assignment with a message saying when we will be able to do it.

The work should already have been proof read by the author and be as clean as possible with regard to spelling and grammar. If the work has overwhelming problems, we will say so and quote a higher price for the proof read. We will have your agreement and advance payment before we proceed with the assignment. If we can’t agree, we will refund any money you have already paid, less payment for any work we have already done.

We will not proof read works that are not in Standard English. While we do not find dialects objectionable, we may lack the skill in the particular dialect to perform a quality job for you and we don’t want to do that. So. No dialects.

If you wish to engage us to proof read your book or other documents, email the document as an attached, Rich Text file to RGM  with the subject titled “Proof Reading Request.”  When we receive your payment via our PayPal utility, we will begin the work.  Our turn around, right now, is about 1 week.  It will be less for short documents.  We are charging $2.00 per page with a minimum of $20.00.  That is to say, we are charging for a minimum of ten pages.  So, if your document is less than ten pages, the per page cost of proofing will be higher.   When filling out the PayPal information, list the number of pages in the number of  ITEMS, with the minimum number of pages as " 10. "


Editing Services:

Proof Reading is included in this service. Please read the proof reading section, above.

As editors, we will be paying attention to the flow of the story, characterization, paragraph structure, sentence structure. We may suggest handling portions of the story in different orders, different ways to jazz up the opening to snag a reader more effectively. An editor’s job is to make sure that the reader turns the page.

If we accept your work for editing, it means that we believe your book has the merit to succeed in a very competitive market place. The way we will approach editing is by working with the writer, hand in glove. We will start with your original manuscript, polished as much as you can polish it. We will do a portion of the book every day, once we start it. As we finish the work, that portion will be emailed to the writer with the proof reading work completed and discussion about the section we worked on that day. The discussion will include suggestions for streamlining the story and sharpening the individual characters. In some cases we will rewrite sentences and possibly restructure paragraphs. When we do rewriting, we will alert you to the fact that we did that and why. You are, of course free to accept or not accept the changes we make. It’s your book.

We guarantee that when we finish the job, you will have a better product than you had before. We do NOT guarantee that your work will be published.

If you wish to engage us to edit your book or other document, email it to us in Rich Text formatting, at RGM with “Editing Request” in the subject line of the email. The price for editing is $4.00 per page with a minimum order of $20.00.   The text should be double-spaced with a one inch margins all the way around. Please put a header at the top of each page with the author’s name, contact information and page numbers.  Our turn around, right now, is about 1 week.  It will be less for short documents.  When filling out the PayPal information, list the number of pages in the number of  ITEMS with the minimum number of pages as " 5 ."