Why Pornography is Bad For People:


I’ve pondered this question all my life. I’ve also read my fair share of the stuff. I’ve heard the rap from the Fundamentalists and religionists of all labels. None of it makes any sense – that I’ve heard from them. They are right but they are missing the point. This is why Pornography is Bad.

Young people, before they are exposed to sex are EXTREMELY sensitive to erotic sensory input. The more input they experience the less sensitive they become to it. I’ll share an anecdote to that effect. When I was seventeen, pornography was hard to get. Playboy Magazine, for one, never showed genitals or even nipples in those days. I had never seen a naked woman and I was in an absolute fever to see and experience a woman. That is the condition the first woman who touched me intimately found in me. My heart was pounding so hard that she withdrew her hand, fearful I was going to have a heart attack (at age seventeen). She was equally innocent.

Sex is a bonding tool. We need that bonding tool to insure family stability. Family stability is the ground root of a stable society. Without it, we become something less. A friend of mine told her daughter, “every time you have sex with a different man, you give him a part of your heart. When it comes time that you want to give your heart to one man, there may be nothing left.”

This is the same idea. The more exposure to pornography a person has, the less sensitive to the real thing he or she becomes. The more exposure to pornography and or multiple partners, the more desensitized a person becomes and we ultimately lose our ability to bond that came with our first sexual experiences.

Two fumbling, inexperienced people on their marriage bed learn together. The eroticism without de-conditioning experiences like pornography and pre-marital sex is overwhelming. The experience is ultimately an emotional and spiritual one with the actual eroticism as a minor player.

Pornography and pre-marital sex spoil an amazing experience of making love and learning about sex with someone you love. So many lose the chance to have that experience, as I did, with impatience and inane explanations from older people who really didn’t know why we shouldn’t do it, just that we shouldn’t. I guess we can’t expect older people to know everything – that is to say – the WHY. That they know should be enough for us. Maybe part of our society’s problem is that we have lost respect for the wisdom of the hoary head.


Larry Searle and Ernest Dixon