Friar Bob's Last Adventure

to Cherokee North Carolina in 2010 is coming

October 27, 28, 29 and 30.  $315 * (includes taxes)

Motorcycle Excursions!! 

Departing from Jacksonville Florida 7:00 A.M.

The Last Day to Register for Cherokee is

October 8, 2010

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    Don't Miss The Maine Event

   Keep an eye on our web page.  The planned winter events target a most

exciting city - St. Augustine Florida for some of our winter destinations.  For

January and February we are exploring the potential for adventures in Key

West and Sanibel Island.  Don't forget your SCUBA gear.

   Next year will be even more exciting.  For starters, we're planning a month long tour of the Light Houses in the State of Maine.  If you think you might like to

join us for that one, I recommend you get a copy of the book Lighthouse

Spotter's Guide and review it before the trip.  It's a great book!   The trip we're

REALLY looking forward to has stops in San Antonio Texas, Judge Roy Bean's

place, Tombstone Arizona, the Salt River Canyon, Glenn Canyon and Sante Fe

New Mexico.  That one will be the month of August 2010.

Don't forget you can Rent a BIKE - Click Here!

  So it's Lawbstah in Bah Hawbah in July and August and lots of it.

Bring your Bike!  If you need to rent a BIKE please contact us and we can fix you up.

Email RGM

Soco Falls North Carolina  

Terms of the Adventures

       If you decide to join our trips this is how it works.  We are asking for a $15.00 sign on fee.  This covers administrative stuff.  For example,as soon as we get your information, what trip you're taking et cetera, we'll send you a detailed route, departure time and proposed stops.  We will include information about side trips and one-of-a- kind things to do while you're there.

The cost of the October trip to Cherokee is $315, including the state sales tax.  The magnificent foilage that time of year drives up motel prices. That includes three nights in a nice motel room, a visit to the Oconoluftee Indian Village and a ticket to the play "Unto These Hills."  It also includes professional route planning for the trips. 

To complete your reservation we will need the balance of the $315 before the cut-off date - that is two weeks before the event.

      If you do not own a motorcycle and you want to come along, you can RENT a bike.  We have access to numerous locations that rent Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  Contact us and we will put you in touch with them.

Email RGM


Cut-off time for making reservations is two weeks before departure date, October 9, 2009 at 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time, or when the fiftieth person signs up, which ever comes first.

Don't delay too long!


Cautions and Concerns:

     Cherokee North Carolina is way up north.  In October it can get cold, way up north.  The best way to combat chilly weather is with "layering."  That is to say, one wears many layers of light clothing topped off with a coat on top.  As the day warms one can remove layers one or two or more at a time to maintain a comfort level.  If the temperature begins dropping again, one can add layers. In very cold weather I start with two teeshirts, followed by a hooded sweatshirt, an insulated shirt and a coat.  I may even add a sweater under the coat.  "Full leathers" is good but it won't help much in cold weather without the layering underneath.

     Since we're going to be way up north in October, it may be best to decide to use a motel instead of a tent, but we'll go along with what ever you want.

Sign Up Now

Signing up and planning a year ahead of time leaves open the possibility that the motels may change their rates.  So prices may vary between this writing (10/11/09) and the actual event.  We should have final information by Easter and we'll keep you informed.

Summer is always a time of light, long days and short nights. Balmy breezes caress our skin to forgetfullness of the bitter winter winds. Greens and tans and falling water whisper to our eyes and ears of life's mysteries.  Then it bursts into a sensory explosion of autumn's colors.   We'll see it together this year, in Cherokee North Carolina.

Take me to the night.

I'm tipping topsy turvy turning upside down.

Hold me tight and whisper what you wish

For there is no one here around.

You may sing-song me sweet smiles

Regardless of the city's careless frown.

Come watch the no-colors fade blazing, into petal sprays of Violets of the Dawn.  (Eric Anderson)



The first 21 people to sign up for October the cost is $255.  That works out to $69 per night for three nights at the motel plus $20 for the Indian Village and $22 for the play.  The $6.00 additional goes toward state sales taxes. (The first hotel only has 21 rooms.)

The next 30 people to sign up will have a cost of $295.  That's $82 per night plus the play and village and a portion toward taxes.

We cannot handle more than another 25.  The motel with the 25 rooms wants $89 per night.  With the play and the village and taxes, that comes to $315.

So the largest possible group we can take for the October adventure is 76.