Namers, Truthers and Liars

by Robert G. Makin


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Namers, Truthers and Liars

“Namers” are people who use name calling to stop conversations. The title first occurred to me when I was watching Rosie O’Donnell interviewing Charleton Heston. Heston made a point that Rosie obviously couldn’t answer in her own favor so she stopped the conversation by calling Heston a “HomoPhobe.”

Heston stopped in his tracks, a bit shocked that 1. Rosie would sink to such a childish level of calling him names, 2. That Rosie was so crude as to imply that his position was based on his sexuality, and probably 3. That Rosie, being a self proclaimed homosexual herself, would so stupidly misuse the term.1

More commonly today, the Namers use epithets like “racist,” or “bigot” to describe anyone who disagrees with our current, alleged, President’s ideas or policies. Many people engaged in conversations with Namers are still stopped by this technique. One of the most popular defaming names used by Namers today is “Tea Bagger.” This twists the “Tea Party” enthusiast’s tea party title to a vulgar expression so base that only people from Nancy Pelosi’s district of San Francisco understand its meaning.2

As these names wear off in their shock value, the Namers come up with other things. To marginalize the demands of the American People for our alleged president to produce proof that his was born in the United States and therefore legal to hold the office of President, the Namers have come up with the name, “Birthers.” “Oh he’s just another birther.” In ancient times it was overtly believed that if one could name a thing, he or she had some sort of power over it, or owned it. The thought still clings to us. If we can put a silly name to an idea, then, it is thought, the idea has no value.

One name the Namers will never use is “Truther.” I think it was Buddha who said, “Three things cannot be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth.” The truth always comes out, in time. The birth certificate and college records of our alleged President will be revealed in time. Rosie’s idiocy will be understood by even the most idiotic, in time. John Murtha will be revealed as a robber of the United States Treasury, using the money to buy votes at home, in time. Many others in that den of thieves and robbers we now call the United States Congress will be exposed as well, in time. Their job is to represent their people in national and international issues, not to rob the treasury to buy votes at home. Murtha’s airport is a classic example as is Senator Byrd’s atomic clock. Al Gore went so far as to have the Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate Highway System renamed in Tennessee. They call it the Al Gore Interstate Highway System. Go read the signs. That is the cheapest way, I know of, that Washington Criminals have used to buy votes.

Truthers will one day be united against crime in government. Terms will be limited to protect vulnerable humans from the power that always corrupts and the Namers will crumble under the weight of the Truth. In time, even the dullest of Rosie’s married vagitarians will recognize that increasing the size of government does not stimulate an economy. Giving bureaucrats who can’t even run a golf course control of a major automobile manufacturer is not going to improve the product or increase sales of that product. Saving a banking industry destroyed by government meddling cannot be accomplished by increasing the degree of government meddling. An economy whose core strength was the family group, cannot be further strengthened by breaking up the family group or destroying family values. Anyone who says this is possible is either stupid or a liar with a hidden agenda.

The choices we have made for government representation have been shocking. We treat political party affiliation with the same sanctity as affiliation with a religious organization. Their policies and statements become tenets of the faith as though we think we’re going to receive eternal damnation if we don’t vote for the politician with the name of the party our grandfather belonged to, regardless of the present policies. That John Murtha could be re-elected after calling his constituency rednecks and bigots is proof positive that this is true in Pennsylvania. That he could condemn his fellow Marines without a hearing and not even apologize, even after he was proven wrong is proof positive that people weren’t listening to what “Semi-Fi” John was saying. All they did was look at the “D” in front of his name. That was enough. It was as good as the Bible. “If John Murtha said it, I believe it and that settles it.,” but unfortunately, I don’t think they read the Bible OR listened to what Murtha was actually saying.

One can’t call a person a “Liar” who speaks out of ignorance, unless one IS a Liar. John Kerry is one of my favorite Namers. He still calls George W. Bush a Liar over the weapons of mass destruction issue in Iraq. Bush believed Iraq HAD such weapons and acted on that belief, as did Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and a host of others who were forgiven because they acted out of ignorance. But Bush was a political opponent, so his act was that of a Liar, according to Kerry. The truth is that the Liar was John Kerry, himself. I quickly learned, while listening to Kerry’s speeches, what he was up to by what he accused his opponents of doing. He was easy to see through by only a little more than half of the voters. They were the ones, I think, who were actually listening to what he was saying instead of stopping short at the “D” in front of his name.

Generally speaking, any politician who has a nice smile and a pleasant manner is guaranteed a winner no matter what he or she actually says or what his or her actual history is. A very visible case in point is our current, alleged, President who has no birth certificate and has refused to reveal any of his college records. The only way anyone knows he is a Harvard Graduate is that he SAYS he is. No one who was there remembers him. None of his teachers or classmates remembers him. His Occidental College records are equally hidden and no one there remembers him either. Does raising that question make me a “Birther or a ”Truther?” I’ll bet the Namers will now start calling me a homophobic, racist ,“Tea Bagger.” The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth cannot be hidden. In time we will know.


Most Recent NAMER Activity:

I just heard about this today - March 1, 2010. Nancy Pelosi called Tea Partiers,      "Astro-Turf Warriors."

This actually happened March 1, 2010.  Friar Bob called Rosie O'Donnell a "Straight-Basher."


January 25, 2011 (This anecdote is dedicated to Sandy Paul, class of 1965, Westmont Hilltop High School - Johnstown Pennsylvania)

Someone posted a proBama poster on my Facebook page. I objected in the strongest language that a family audience can read. A reader of my page took offense and began arguing with me. I can hold my own very well when it comes to Mr. Obama, from the criminal, communist and terrorist backgrounds of his closest supporters to the endorsements given him by the CPUSA (Communist Party United States of America), Chavez, Castro, Awkmadinnajacket in Iran and others, to the insulting and embarrassing manners he has in foreign countries representing us there. I’ve been watching him and in my opinion Mr. Obama is a first class sleaze-bag, if a man can be judged by his companions, teachers and actions.  He's also just a bit terrifying because of the destructive nature of his actions and policies to the American Economy and American Freedoms.  Of course, his supporters, including killers, Bill Ayers and His wife Bernadine, never question where Obama came from, his college records or any other item of his past.  He just sort of popped into being complete with a degree from Harvard.   Come to think of it, John Kerry never released the rest of his military records.   CBS and the other media were very thorough in their investigations of Republican candidates even to the point of inventing bad stuff when they couldn't find any, RATHER than admit it.

As the conversation progressed, the “progressive” opposite me became increasingly agitated. Finally he announced that I and everyone who thinks like me should be deported, or separated from society and exterminated. He asked , “Do you know where Obama was born.” I reported that there is a still controversy and litigation pending to force his release of certain documents – a true statement.

He responded ecstatically – You’re a ‘BIRTHER.” I suppose that negates every argument?

Only a fool or someone who knows the truth and has reason to hide it would fail to acknowledge the importance of following the law and the vetting of our national leaders.  

We got rid of the communist and socialist threat by renaming them progressives, but nothing else has changed.

How does one wake a "Progressive" from the mental lethargy of the dope ridden 1960's?  

November 15, 2010

I had a conversation, recently, with a Liberal who I am required to be nice to from time to time. Dorothy (a conservative) asked if he had seen the recent interview on television where Obama was asked when he was going to stop blaming George Bush and the previous administration for everything. The Liberal answered that Obama never blames Bush for anything. Both Dorothy and I, almost together said, “ I saw the interview, myself, on TV.”

The Liberal retorted, “Bush ran up a deficit of $800 Billion. Where have you been?” (Watching as Obama runs up a deficit of $4 TRILLION!)

The concept of the ‘Namers,’ has apparently evolved. Now instead of calling us racists and homophobes when confronted with the truth, they throw out a non-sequitur, followed by a rude challenge. It’s like fencing with words. One throws a fake, then a thrust, both aimed at changing the course of the conversation and eliminating the need to acknowledge the truth they just heard.

One doesn’t deny and most objected to the $800 Billion deficit the Bush administration gave us but why do the oh-so-wise Liberals not object to the

$4 Trillion deficit given to us by Obama’s administration? I posed that question to a Liberal friend of mine and he nearly exploded, saying, “But he’s fixing the economy!”

If he pee’s away another $4 Trillion, our economy will certainly be fixed, alright. The more of this I see, the more I understand that Reagan was right on, when he said,

“The problem with liberals is that they know so much that just isn't true.”

My understanding of the Liberal mind (if there is such a thing) has taken a turn. I no longer believe Liberals want to do what’s right for the country. I believe they want to do what ever they have to do to prove they are right and at any cost. There is no longer any question in my mind that Obama is ruining the American economy and by extension, the world economy. I think he wants to bring America to its knees so its people will more readily accept total government control – a European style socialism. Just why he hates the country so much still mystifies me.

That he can claim so many confederates in his cause also mystifies me. Why the Democratic majority in Congress during Bush’s last years in office blocked curbing FNMA’s irresponsible actions in the housing market mystifies me. It resulted in a horrendous financial catastrophe for the country and for the world, but now that the dust is settling, they’re at it again!

Gamble Rogers said he visited Doc Watson in his home. Doc was in the attic rewiring the house. Gamble asked how Doc could do this, being blind. Doc answered, “Hell Gamble, even a blind man can tell which wires are the live ones.”

We need more voters who can think instead of voters who parry the truth with name calling. We need more voters who can appreciate the desperate fight Americans won, to achieve personal liberties instead of monarchist-throw-backs who want to limit those liberties. We need educators who teach children to think instead of union hacks who propagate the party line. If you go to high schools today and ask the children, “Who was King George III,” they don’t know. They think the Civil War was about slavery. When you ask about “state’s rights,” they give you a blank stare. Are we raising a generation of blind people with numb fingers?

The hand basket America is going to hell in today, is carried by Barack Hussein Obama. Maybe the next president will be a loyal American. Maybe it won’t be too late to turn the ship of state back onto its course of freedom.

I don’t think anyone disagrees that $800 Billion is a lot of money. I don’t think anyone disagrees that $4 Trillion is more than $800 Billion by about 5 times. How anyone can believe that being in debt $4 Trillion is better than being in debt by $800 Billion, mystifies me.

That Obama blames Bush for this deficit is a matter of record. Read it.





1“Homophobia” first appeared in the 1970’s. It refers to men, specifically; who have a subconscious or semiconscious fear that they themselves are homosexuals. When confronted with homosexuality, they react violently out of that fear and perform actions that homosexuals now refer to as “Gay Bashing.” Homophobia has nothing to do with fear of homosexuals, themselves, although I, myself am afraid of Rosie. She’s big, ugly and vicious, in my opinion.

2”Tea Bagging” refers the practice of a man lowering his naked body, in a sitting position, over the mouth of the recipient who then takes the man’s scrotum in his or her mouth. Rosie would never do this. She’s a vagitarian. But she is adequately vile, that I'm sure she knows about it.



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