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Obama’s Middle Finger Birthday Party!!

I don’t know if this is true, but… I heard that…

B.H. Obama is planning a Middle Finger Birthday Party at the President’s residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Whoopie Goldfarb is to be the Mistress of Ceremonies. Susan Saranwrap is giving the keynote address. Okra will be in attendance and Tom Crux is coming out of the closet to jump up and down on her couch. Mat Laury is to be there on the condition that he not mention Tom’s attention deficit or Barack’s drunken-sailor spending sprees. Katie is bringing the scissors she uses to cut out the parts of the News that don’t support the DNC agenda so Barack can autograph them. An invitation has been extended to George W. Bush so that he and Barack can have a Fugliest Finger Contest – to find out whose is biggest – the national debt that is…

This is going to be the biggest confab of the year in the Nations Crime Capital, especially since Michelle’s Social Staff is going to be there – on the clock, of course. That adds to the tab because none of their children will be left behind, none of their banks will be left hanging and none of their automobiles will be from private industry.

Free Parking was to be available at the John Murtha Airport in Johnstown Pennsylvania. Since most of the runways are never in use, they can be used for parking. The guests are to be flown to Dulles on Nancy Pelosi’s jet. They believe one flight can handle it. Since Ted’s unfortunate demise, the liquor order has been halved. That’s a major cost saver. Massachusetts is up in arms because the senator elected to replace Ted wasn’t invited. They said he’s from “the dark side,” whatever that means.

The second speaker is a former leader of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers who will give a blow by blow description of how to build an I.E.D. to attack establishment law enforcement facilities and staff. He said he wished he had done more, now he can. Poor Bill. He’s such an idealist. The “kill ‘em or pervert ‘em” liturgy is usually reserved for religious groups, but Atheism is a religion too, after all, affirming as an tenet of faith that God does not exist.

For a free ride to the party, be at the Johnstown Airport at the time stated on your invitation. Don’t forget to bring your middle finger so you can pluck the yew. There will be plenty of finger foods, especially middle finger foods, so come hungry.

(Pelosi said on CBS that Size Doesn't Matter.  Who does she think she's kidding?

What I want to know is this.  Is this message from B.K.O. a statement about his respect for the United States Constitution, the concept of individual freedoms or the people he is facing?  Personally, I'm sort of taking it personally.