Consciousness, Faith Healing, Spiritual Gifts

By Ben Malchizedek


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is the most powerful force in the universe.

      Quantum Physics is just beginning to scratch the surface of that truth. That we create our own reality by what we BELIEVE about it is a far deeper truth than the simplicity of that statement’s tone. The barb is that there are so many believers and they don’t all agree on everything. The result is a constant cacophony of creativity going on at all times. The common ground creates the reality that we all share. Within those common grounds lie microcosms of reality, shared by only one or two people. Inside those realities lie such issues as the health of the human body.
Most “belief systems” contain an understanding of this and offer techniques to provide healing for illness and physical malfunctions like blindness, deafness to name a couple. A common thread of all “belief systems” alludes to the most powerful force in the universe, consciousness. In many respects, everyone has some control of their own consciousness and thereby the personal power to alter their own personal, micro-reality, i.e., their health. Since my personal background is Judeo-Christian traditions, I’m going to use that in my examples, but these principles are not limited to only one belief system. They are universal.

    I would be remiss, here to omit mentioning that Modern Medical Science is just as much a "Belief System" as any other. Ask any medical doctor about Placebo Power!

     Most great religious leaders ( I use the word “most,” because I’m not familiar enough with all of them to make such an inclusive statement about them by using the word “all.”) provided a clear outline for healing. Jesus Christ certainly did and after him his apostles certainly did. It appears that Christ understood it but his followers did not, necessarily. As time rolls on, fewer and fewer express a clear understanding of why and how a change of faith, changes reality. These are the words of Jesus Christ:
Matthew 9:22 “…your faith has made you well.”
Matthew 9:29 “According to your faith, let it be done to you.”
Luke 7:50 “…Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”
Luke 8:48 “…your faith has made you well.”
Luke 18:42 “…your faith has made you well.”
       Please note, he did not say, “Your faith in ME has made you well.” He did not say, “your faith in God has made you well.”
The purpose of this article is not to discuss who and or what Jesus of Nazareth is or was. Among the many interpretations of who and what he is or was lies a common ground that he was among other things, most certainly a messenger and most certainly a teacher. It has long been a bone of contention for me with Christian theology that the message of Christ has been so thoroughly confounded and confused with who and or what he was or is. The nature of Christ (his Christology and Saterology) have no impact on the fact that what he said for us is true. It appears to me that God went to a hell of a lot of trouble to deliver some important messages and all Christians can see is the supernatural element – the MAGIC. The media was not the message. The message was the message. It’s nice that we can appreciate the magic and the beauty, but the message was the point of this exercise, not the “wowing” of the masses. And what was the message? Read the Book. I’m here to talk about faith.
       Paul fell well short when he said, “Faith is the conviction of things hoped for, the assurance of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). He was right of course. That’s a nice neat and concise definition, but faith is far more than that. It is the creative motor. It’s what makes the clock tick, or not tick.
       Faith is the sole creative force. Where the idea falls apart for us is when we think we are the only believers creating reality. The truth is there are not only many other people with conflicting consciousness, there are also bugs, birds, plants, rabbits, deer, turtles, toads… All of life has consciousness. Even Al Franken has consciousness, although that may be hard to believe. The larger the group emanating consciousness, the more diverse the realities created by those believers will be. The larger the group, the harder it is to change the reality. That is why Jesus usually said, after healing someone, to not tell anyone. If you tell too many non-believers, they can undo the healing. The smaller the group of believers, the easier it is to change the reality. That is why healing is easy. It’s personal. Only one or two need know about it.
      St. James complicates his healing techniques by bringing in large groups. James 5:14. He says to request healing from the elders who will anoint the sick person with oil and pray publicly. That will work okay as long as there are not too many disbelievers present. A disbeliever brings with him a negative faith or creative force that prevents the success of the healing. I’m not ignoring God here. God works through the creative force that he gave to all of us. Whether you believe God heals you, or simply, your faith will make you well, the healing still takes place. It makes no difference how the faith is directed, through God, through Christ, or simply directly, your faith has made you well. This message is not mine. It is from the New Testament of the Holy Bible, from the very lips of Jesus Christ. The message is the message.
       I went to the pastor of my church and asked for healing in accordance with the directions offered by James (5:14) and he gave me the “Redneck No.” It may not be fair of me to lay this on rednecks, but this is what I have come to call it when someone agrees to a request and then fails to perform. I don’t know if they are embarrassed to say ‘no,’ if they are afraid they can’t perform or if this is just irresponsibility. Whatever the cause, the result is the same. Generally speaking, the churches go no further in using spiritual gifts to heal illness than praying in closets. Don’t get me wrong here. Praying in closets is pretty effective, if the prayer is done in faith, but we can do better than that.
       To begin with, we can use the directions provided by James. We can do it effectively too, if we limit the number of people present to those who are actually involved in the healing. Those should be carefully questioned to be sure their faith will not negatively affect the result of the healing.
       A second thing we can do is to recognize that most, if not all illness is a form of possession – literally. The Common Cold Virus invades a body and tries to kill it. The infection struggles like an organized intelligence attacking the weakest part of the body then spreading as it gathers strength. If left unopposed, it can result in death. The demise of the Common Cold in a human body takes place when the determination of the person to defeat the virus rises and the person develops faith that victory is at hand. Then the cold goes away.
       I did not say that the Common Cold is a demon. I said it is an invading entity. Where this might differ from Doctor House is that he might regard it as a multiplicity of virus cells where I am regarding it as a single consciousness. If we’re going to drive it out by faith, which is easier; to say it is a single entity or ten billion entities? I might find it a bit overwhelming to say it is ten billion entities. That wouldn’t work as well for me. I might even catch the cold. I don’t find a single, lone entity particularly intimidating. Anyone could drive that away. “Let it be done to you as you believe.”
       Faith is controllable. I can choose what I believe and then I can devote myself to believing in it. “Liberal” and “Progressive” thought in America is a testimony to the fact that a person can stand on his head and believe without question, that the world is upside down. This falls under the aggregate consciousness of all things. Joel Wallach, for example, believes that all illness is a matter of mineral deficiency. He’s right, of course, but only in the macrocosm of the aggregate consciousness. Healing is a personal thing, a matter of the micro-society of the one person. I and only I am responsible for the condition of my body. Mitigating intrusions in that truth include the beliefs of all the people around me about my condition, so the less they know about my health, the better it is for me, if I choose to believe in my own health. This may be why older people tend to have more maladies. People around them see how old they are and they think, “He’s old. He must have stuff wrong with him.” It is done to us according to our faith.
       People like to say life is about choices. I’d like to refine that. Consciousness is a choice and what takes place in my consciousness is a choice. I can choose happiness or sadness, wellness or sickness. I can choose to be satisfied with what I have or not. The Talmud says a wealthy man is the man who is satisfied with what he has. Under such an idea, George Soros is poverty-stricken; Warren Buffet is a pauper and Al Gore is hyperthyroid. Our consciousness decides nearly everything about our personal well being. Changing that consciousness is simply a matter of choice. The smaller the matter one wishes to change, the easier it is to change it. Health is a small matter.
If you want to change your health, use the techniques defined by your particular belief system. If you are a Christian, look up James 5:14. It’s very explicit and it works. Just remember that no audience is better than any audience and the people who participate must do so out of their own faith.
       Shame on the churches for backing away from this spiritual gift of healing. Shame on the churches for sanctifying abomination. Shame on the churches for abandoning the message in favor of the media. Shame on the churches for deifying wealth in the name of poverty. Above all, shame on all belief systems for subjecting the minds of human beings to ideological tyranny. God came to Earth to Free us, but instead you have used Him to bind us. Let it be done to you, according to your faith.  B.M.