How to Select the Gender of Your Children

It's done at Conception.


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  How to Select the Gender of your Child AT Conception
This is a public service announcement, especially for the Chinese, so they can stop killing their children. There are no advertisements on this page.

This explanation is simple and to the point, i.e., no window dressing. Who has ears to hear, let him hear.

The sperm ejaculated by a mammal male is of two kinds. One, when it meets up with the female’s egg, produces a male child. The other produces a female child. The male-maker can swim faster but it is less hardy and dies more easily than the slower swimming, female-maker. The acidity of the fluid where it’s swimming is the chief cause of the death of the male-making sperm.

Before the potential mother achieves orgasm, the fluid tends to be more acidic. In this environment, the male-maker dies and the female maker makes it to the egg and a female child is conceived. After the potential mother achieves orgasm, the fluid inside the birth canal becomes less acidic. In THIS environment, the male maker, who can swim faster than the female-maker, survives to make it to the egg – AND a male child is conceived. Simple. If She comes first, you get a boy. If He comes first you get a girl. This isn’t a one hundred percent fix, but it’s very consistent.

If this seems too pat an answer for you, do the research and you will find the above message confirmed.

Problems: How does Quick Draw McGraw become the man with a slow hand? The first answer, of course, is patience and determination. It helps a great deal if the man loves the woman enough to want her to come first because when he does, it’s over and he knows it. Extended foreplay extends the duration of the erection. It also can de-sensitize it somewhat. I’m not into chemicals, but a natural leg-up in the erection department is Bee Pollen. If a person decides to use it, the dosage can be determined by trial and error. The stuff won’t hurt you if you take too much. Rule of thumb: Don’t substitute it for regular meals.

Anti-erectors that should be avoided if one is trying to conceive, include Nicotine and alcohol. Both inhibit the body’s natural responses and sensitivity. Generally speaking, drugs and foods that are mind altering or metabolism altering will work against a healthy hard-on.

On the other “Up” side, men who follow these instructions will have a very happy woman and when Mommy is happy, everybody is happy.

Footnote: Where did this information come from? Did you know that the name “Yoda,” belonging to the Star Wars Guru of the Force is a Hebrew word that means, simply, “He Knows?”



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How to know if your woman is faking orgasms:

      Generally speaking, the women I've known well were straight up with me.  They were honest partners and good lovers.  Every so often there would be one that would want to conceal her orgasm or pretend she had one - to please me, I guess.  I knew one who was so up tight that when she learned I could tell, she simply quit having orgasms with me.  I have no clue why she would do that, but she did.  This is really simple.  When a woman has an orgasm, her lips get cold.  Women have a nice perk.  Once they get started having orgasms in a sexual encounter, the orgasms can keeping coming and coming (like the energizer bunny when you put the batteries in backwards).  So, if the guy really cares for the woman, and understands that, he won't stop at one.  He'll keep going and give her more. After five or six, you will find that not only have her lips become cold, they become absolutely flaccid.  Her tongue gets cold and certain body parts with which the man is in intimate contact also become flaccid.  When that happens, give her break and stop. 

     If she's faking it to please you but legitimately unable to achieve orgasm, there are a few things you can do to help her.  Extended foreplay can be a major factor.  The longer she waits, the closer she is to orgasm before the actual act, if, that is, she is an eager partner. Some will do it just to shut the guy up.  That is not a very desirable partner, but it's sometimes what we wind up with - like my first wife.  Alcohol can sometimes loosen things up but use caution with that.  If sex becomes dependent on alcohol intake, it spoils the emotional gratification.  My recommendation is that alcohol be avoided in connection with sex.  Sex is best without chemicals.

     There is a device that can be helpful.  I don't know any nice words to use in place of "cock ring."  That ring, when placed at the base of the penis, simulates the clitoris on each thrust, intensifying the contact.  Most women will crumble quickly if you're using one of those things.  Caution is advised with that too.  You must be very careful to not get one that fits too tightly.  It can hurt you.  Make sure also, that you don't get one that has frilly or hard edges. That part of the human body is very sensitive and above all, you don't want to cause injury either to yourself or the woman.

      So.  There you have it.  If you find a woman who says this isn't true, don't believe her.  It's true.  It's usually better if you don't tell the woman you know.  One woman friend of mine after I told her this, tested her lips with her fingers after orgasm, but guess what.  Her fingers had become cooler too.  You can only tell this slight difference in the temperature of the woman's lips if you are kissing her lips.

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