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RGM is a Book Store and

A Showcase for New and Used Authors, while you search for a Publisher.

Buy and sell your books here.

Here, you will find books that don’t exist anywhere else.

TV Adverti$ing i$ Fun and can

Tr!ple your Bu$ine$$

in a heart-beat!!

(If you don't want a pickle and you just want to ride your motorcycle - CLICK HERE)

Cleverness is god in this business.  "Eat.  Get Gas," brought Pete's Dinner constant crowds. "Think Small," brought Volkswagon head over heals into the United States' Markets.  "Good to the Last Drop," is still selling Coffee world wide.  Maxwell House has been running that slogan for around 60 years.

We sell cleverness in advertising here.  We write nice clean simple ads that grab the market's attention and drive traffic to your door.  Expensive?    That's a matter of perspective. How much is it worth to you to crowd your store with buyers?  We can find you 30 second TV spots that only cost $7.00.  That's right!  SEVEN DOLLARS.

Production of our 30 second TV slots starts at $600.00.  That includes still photography, provided by you, writing and voice-overs provided by us.  We will do several scripts until we can agree on what you like best.  Production will take less than a week. 

We will make suggestions as to where to place your ads to best find your target market.

Longer than 30 seconds will cost more.  If you want video or animation, the price goes up because that will drive up our costs.  The best way for you to investigate this is to email us a phone number.  You will receive a call from us in a day or two and we'll discuss what you have in mind.

We use CELTEX which is a screen writing software generally acceptable to the industry.