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Open Letter to Jim Quinn of the

Quinn and Rose Show

from Red Bug (The


Dear Jim,
I took down the because I came to realize I was wasting my time trying to protect America and its precious freedoms. In spite of my efforts (and yours) we now have a naturalized Rhodesian citizen, born in Kenya, for President of the United States. He is obviously not even a legal citizen of this country. If he were, it would be simple for him to prove it instead of spending the massive efforts he has exerted to block inquiry into the matter.
We have a Speaker of the House who openly flaunts her disregard for the country’s laws (Logan Act), conspicuously undermines the efforts of our government to protect us from foreign dangers and mindlessly squanders our resources (757 to commute to work for 3 days each week not to mention earmarks for pet projects like fostering immorality). But she is just one voice in the chorus of criminals our free American voters sent to the head of our government. We have a tax cheat for the head tax collector, the people who brought down the economy in charge of finances. This list is endless.
People like you and me are rendered impotent by the charge of fanaticism brought by the overwhelming power of the mainstream media, the owners of television news reporting. We are candles in the winds of darkness. This is a bull too big to take by the horns. This problem, if it is to be addressed at all must be attacked in more subtle ways, by means that by-pass the built-in prejudices ignited by buzz-words like "liberal," "conservative," "pork" and other conversation stoppers like "bigot," "racist" and "homophobe." The Kool-Aid drinkers can still think, believe it or not, but their brains have to be accessed over highways less controlled by the spin masters.
That poses the question – which USB port can we plug into to get the necessary information to the Kool Aid drinkers? Laughter works. Hate is the coin of the left. We can’t outspend them because their wealth in that coin is endless. Trying to inspire outrage using the truth is pointless because people have become so utterly callused to the perpetual spin poured over us by the (Roger) Baldwin-ites. People can’t recognize truth any more, unless it is ignited within them through some less protected path. Laughter can light fires under the densest of human follies, but I’m afraid it may be too late for the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. I hope not, but I’m afraid it’s true.
The Chigger is down because I recognized that approach to public education was misguided and ineffective. In the coming dark ages, these efforts will be buried and lost. In the 1960’s my friend and teacher Gabriel Fackre wrote:

“Commenting on the mood of modern literature and painting, Tillich said, just before he died,

‘Art in all its forms can show three states of mind: hopelessness, foolish hope, and genuine hope. If we look at our present artistic creations we find that artistic creations of hopelessness by far prevail… Artistic interpretations of genuine hope … are rare today.’

For a long time we assumed that art is the most sensitive barometer of the winds of an era. If Tillich is right in his diagnosis, either today's new wave of hope is illusory, or the art community has not yet caught up with contemporary reality. Or it may well be that the artistic weathervane must be sought on odder-looking barns where conventional wisdom does not hold sway. That would be a nice bit of artistic irony if the best part of an era were born in the unlikeliest of places - let us say in some philologist's library instead of a Left Bank cafe - and had to do with the unlikeliest of material - let us say elves and Ents rather than ids and angst."
(The Rainbow Sign by Dr. Gabriel Fackre 1969)

If we bury the treasures of truth in such barns, it will survive the coming holocaust. We must write with aiglatson, my friend. There is no question that we must act. But our acts must be as affective as possible. In the words of Treebeard,
"But if we stayed at home and did nothing, doom would find us anyway, sooner or later. That thought has long been growing in our hearts; and that is why we are marching now… Now at least, the last march of the Ents may be worth a song. Aye… we may help the other peoples before we pass away." (Tolkein)
Best wishes,
Red Bug