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This is for the real Patcath
“A Miss-Communication” (before breakfast meanderings)

Rydes the Wind rose from his dream. Standing beside his smoldering campfire, he lifted his eyes to the starry sky. He narrowed his gaze, till his eyes rested on one lone star, the star of his dream. She resides there. He knew. The words and images of his dream showed him the path to Patcath. Her planet, Zeph orbits a sun called, in their local tongue, Tampus. The distance? Twenty Seven Billion Miles. An infinity of distance, his mind cried out to him.

He lowered his gaze to the beast standing near his bedroll. Lion Heart stood seventeen hands. His legs were long and filled with power, but Rydes the Wind knew that Lion Heart could not bear him to Zeph. Rydes the Wind lowered his head, eyes resting on the glowing coals of his campfire. “I will come to you.” His muttering was soft, like prayer. The furrow of his brow would have frightened the timid. His eyes flashed with determination as they scanned the mountainside before him.

His eyes suddenly lightened. His lips parted slightly revealing teeth clenched in resolve. It lies there, his memories of the dream told him.

The iron deposit was richer than he expected. The alloys he needed were found nearby. The experimentation, discovery and development took decades but he never lost his resolve. Some evenings he would spend hours staring at the sky, longing for Patcath, knowing she was there, longing for him. The workers he brought into the project knew him to be a driven man. “Crazy – ain’t ee. Starin’ at the starry night – like that!” Some said of him.

But the efforts of Rydes the Wind had paid off. He stood tonight beside the place where his campfire burned so many years ago. Now, a tall Shem stood before him. It contained a place for him sleep, food to eat during the voyage to Zeph. Twenty seven billion miles – to be wiped away with the sweep of his hand over a period of decades, the obstacle, a trifle in the face of tenacity, love and faith.

Has she waited for me? Rydes the Wind paced before his star ship. Lift off in the morning would mark the first mission of its kind in the history of the people of Rydes the Wind. “The accomplishment is nothing,” he snapped at his head foreman on receiving praise for the work. “The Goal is everything. Failure is not an option.”

In route to Zeph, Rydes the Wind rested in his pilot’s chair before a huge view screen with the view of bitter cold, Outer Space before him. His eyes were ever fixed on the star, Tampus. He knew he would find her there. Suddenly, he noticed an object in the vast distance. It appeared to be coming toward him at great speed.

Rydes the Wind checked the object. The ship’s radar and computers indicated a close miss. His vessel would not collide with the object. As it grew closer, Rydes theWind could see that it was another, one much like his own, a huge Shem. The approaching Shem had a large view-port in front, with a figure standing inside it watching the distance as intensely as Rydes the Wind, himself, watched and yearned for his arrival at Zeph.

Now, Rydes the Wind could see the figure, but only for a moment. Their eyes locked in stunned disbelief! It was Patcath, trying to come to him.